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YOPP - The Year of Polar Prediction
  Calculation period (for Mirai Arctic cruise MR17-05C) :
   2017.08.22-2017.09.20 DONE
gl9(14km), initial data:00UTC,06UTC,12UTC,18UTC

YMC - Years of the Maritime Continent
  Calculation period (for Mirai Eastern Indian Ocean cruise MR17-08) :
   2017.11.13-2018.01.15 DONE
gl10(7km), initial data:00UTC, Daily Update
gl9(14km), initial data:00UTC, several cases, Weekly Update
Open to external user.

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YMC_BSM 2020
YMC_BSM 2018
YMC_Sumatra 2017
   --> Dynamical downscaling of NCEP global ensemble forecast by WRF (Dr.Fujita)
for comparison
  This DATA Catalog uses "imgtree" provided by Dr. Kodama.
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